Canto 2 (Shichigon Zekku)



Did you come only to smash the homey?

To bring life and death to a breath laboring

Under footfalls? catcalls in the bar

Hardly tell who you are

Our geometry was a masterpiece

Masquerading as moments of pleasure

Silence severs and yet I wonder

about the thunder & your plunder

For I am picked clean & thats where to begin-

But I shan’t see you again


The blues play

As the ground

Chokes on the rain

Drowning the sound

Of the day-

Somewhere, a worker calls

A hammer bangs and clatters

All this muffled, near the earth

A hearse spinning as we rehearse

Prayer wheels for the absurd

Ah! the silence scented w/patchouli & myrrh