The Lonely

The lonely has returned, oh how it burns!
Churns in my soul as this one yearns
For her far away in space and thought
In this net of longing am I caught
A shark with a heart; I keep swimming
Lest I drown in this distant sea
Can’t you see that I’m sinking?
Hurting more than I know; more than I’ve a right to
My soul; sugar cane stripped anew
Sweetly bleeding I collapse inside
Weakness mocks; some samurai am I


Rebirth Part 2

Horus sworn night blessed dawn kissed
Almost is my sword returned to mine fist
The blade shadowed moonlight, my soul alights
Upon the ramparts of my Mother’s House
The call of the Way makes my heart roused
To the Truth of a Being that sings stories
Of grace and glory, of darkness plum sweet
Death is near but so is honour, my fears
Lay in 5 states of decay, here and there
Are delusions of the lost, there’s nowhere
But HERE and thus my story begins again
As katana bleeds ink into my pen


I Am From Nowhere (Tall Poppy Syndrome)

“What makes you think you’re better than us?
Because good enough is not good enough
You seethe upon seeing a tall poppy
Jealousy the scythe with which you greet me
Silly, simple minds oh how I tried to
Understand your ways so like a noose
That strangles the air from clearest thought
For something more than this I’ve always sought
I’m not of you nor do I come from you
Moon-son; though phoenix womb I came through
Thank you my gratitude is surely true
But I must go no now for whim beckons me
To sail the sea of my destiny


You say I’m self-righteous? For what reason?
Using reason in lieu of allegiance
To dogma and unexamined beliefs?
Your fallacies are nothing more than thieves
Stealing the methods of discerning Truth
Thus the reason you’d rather let lies soothe
So go dream your little blue pill dreams
Suckle at the bosom of decayed memes
Your moral malaise is a poisoned haze
Dismayed am I by your glazed-over gaze
Blindly seeing what it wants to see
Finding safety in hardened certainty
Decay in the cave, persist in the grave
So dies the mind you’ve neglected to save

Dream Time (Elegy for Zarmina)

“In Islam, God loved the Prophet Muhammad. I’m in a society where love is a crime. If we are Muslims, why are we enemies of love?”-Zarmina
Petals ablaze dance through the haze 
They float aflame, vigils for lands razed 
By djinn enslaved with Koranic chains 
They groan and weep flames that rain
Their pain, bringing more pain, unseen they scorch 
Hearts and torture free thought with dogma’s torch 
Love had called her forth 
As a child to their god 
Now the forest burns 

In a dream was heard a poet’s death 
Her scream, an elegy to her last breath 
Defiance and heartbreak raged, raged against 
Ignorance. Behold her final defense
For love true! Behold her jewelled soul 
Which cries a fierce ache burning to be told!
Her love, defiance
Courage is the heart’s blood spilt
Thus the river flows

Fallen Leaves

We are all but leaves on the tree of life 
Destined to spiral down, down to soil  
Where we begin again; we are midwives
To Being. Down, down this mortal coil 
 We slide into oblivion. Again 
 In the abiding place life awaits, 
 Or is this the arrogance of most men? 
 Assuming that life has a beginning, late 
 Am I in seeing this fallacy
 Folly follows forth from our delusions
 Confusion arises from fantasy
 For isn’t the Self itself dilution
 Of Truth? See, perspective marrs perception 
 A nearsightedness of the mind does blind 
 Mankind from his own kind (and Self) in real-time


My death will come, yes
But I do not fear it, no
Does dawn fear the dusk?
Does the phoenix fear the flame?


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