Circe-Silver Movement

Too open and the winter knifes it way through 

& into the heart of one alone 
A fool forever more 
Too open and the waters rush in and all falls grey 

Grabbing the soul with the deluge of today 
A fool forever more 
The ache is a thirst not slaked 

Slowly the lonely chews its way 
A fool forevermore 
You-the joy of you is a sorrow 

That abandons tomorrow 
A fool for ever more 
Unrequited can’t quite speak the feeling firing 

How can one speak the will tiring? 
A fool forevermore 
Take my hand again, take me inside 

And ride me all the way to oblivion 
A fool forever more 
Wondering if joy is yours, heart fever-stricken,  yet hoping happiness for YOU
A fool for evermore 
Always alone, craving what, for a moment, I imagined you felt 
A fool forevermore 
Still rating  what’s foolish to say-may a grave find 1 so to sleep this agony 
For a fool for you is still only-


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