Cobalt (O/S)

Why,  why do you cry behind your smile 
While daylight dances in your eyes?
A Delight of thighs thrumming my desire 
Is checked by a glimmer of storm 
Unborn in a smile like Amber 
Or ambrosia striking dead my tounge which 
Yearns to run along your body 
As A child at play, the scent 
Of your sex covers & kindles me 
With a hint of honey hiding 
An ocean where drowning is all one can do-
But who are you upon that shore peering into tidal pools?

*Rebirth-Black Laquer Prelude (I/S)

Obsidian-the slice sliding home to route

Uprooting vine and vein,  branch and fang 
With a cut clean as scalpels , too deep 
Like deluges sang by Typhon 
Sword of storm shattered and all that mattered 
Scattered into atoms 
Schismed the sigil of before 
Rebirthed from star’s core to breathe my dying
*this poem takes place before Ceiba time

Not Found (I/S)

Lost, guided by 
Doubt clenching 
the heart 
like a skin being beat-called real 
by shades dreaming , 
A stream mirrors Itself,here below fire 
Grows beneath Ceiba swaying to an aria 
of a black moon Shining my midnight
of 2nd sight 
Still Singing stillness salted with weariness all of which writhes beneath phoenix wing


Seeking your council for one found it wise 

to be the fool he is- Why did your own 

Tear through with talons? 

You-had one not said alms and found peace in your name? 
Seeking council-for you know this soul 
Which is a howl of flame blowing 
Through your hall like a hawk striking-
Unmailed and proud, one says aloud 
Your name! Hear me brain born of Zeus, friend to Ithaca
One must go the Road, yet what wisdom can one discern?
You know me-relying upon gods is not my Way 
Yet, Pallas, honored still, see this meat mirroring its mortality !
And Back away from the burning it promises 
For this is the sun riding the horses of midnight 
Forward, blind, but for the belly & brains 
Bringing a fool hope of tomorrow
If one be false, cut me down! What say you? 
This is neither supplication nor prostration 
No, Reverance drinking frustration whilst remarking the Traceless

Hearthless-The Immolation (DNA)

Ithaca in flames burning.burning.

The heart hollowed from weeping, seeping the fat From the body 

Candle of a woman, carapace cracked 
From where her birthing became a burning 
Unsheathed, sleeping, undreaming, lead-lined soliloquies
Led/lead down paths of talons into my chest- 
At rest, aria of body blanketed in flame- burning.
Burning. Ithaca is burning.
And Penelope has passed into ash and nothing 

Long Walk (I/S)


Crimson cries the moon shining behind a midnight 

Of a walker, wandering towards Absence 

Absinthe-the walk off the Road Where emeralds 

of curses wait to save you 
Obsidian laps along the side of the Road 
As the soul sinks into the moment
Meandering, somewhere in here is a Way
Toward a turning, burning off 
The flesh to inscribe the bone With runes 
stolen by a javelin aloft again
One day this urn will light no more

Swerving the aerial to burn again 
Dancing the delight & demise of Icarus 
Foreseen, fortune is no friend to what’s fleeting 
Seething the sight gestating, blindness 
Loathe to leave, lingering 
As a lover 
lying that they will stay 

Today’s Haiku (October 5, 2016)

Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

水澄むや臓器ただしく重なれり  穂谷知紀

mizu sumu ya zôki tadashiku kasanareri

              clear autumn water—

              organs piling up

              in the right order

                                                        Tomoki Hotani

from ‘Haidan,’ (‘Haiku Stage’) a monthly haiku magazine, October 2016 Issue, Honami Shoten, Tokyo

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