Glimpse (I/S)

 To sing/say what a moon child must 

a ronin is an arrow flung deeper inside 

where the rhythm writhes 

And rides as an 8 legged horse running a course through vein 

(Mother lode) 

Ceiba-sighting the last days of a genesis almost come 


Goblet of Gallows-Ceiba Linkup (I/S)

A silhouette fell beside me speaking flame 

“Fly fly to where memory and thought fall away

Fly to where the tree drinks all your water 

Yet you are always quenched 

Not Found (I/S)

Lost, guided by 
Doubt clenching 
the heart 
like a skin being beat-called real 
by shades dreaming , 
A stream mirrors Itself,here below fire 
Grows beneath Ceiba swaying to an aria 
of a black moon Shining my midnight
of 2nd sight 
Still Singing stillness salted with weariness all of which writhes beneath phoenix wing

GATEWAY-Ceiba Link Up (I/S)

Her roots tastes what the crown does sipping Silence 
Sending song into the skull
to understand the flow down below 
where Wings unfold to roll the unknown. 
Soul & sword melt to fire and feather 
The Night inside too violet, its bloom 
Bleeding into the Nothing, what tracks?
Here the traceless leaves moon-son faceless