Circle (DNA)

Burning upon the Wavelength 

Hanging on spirals as a dead man kicking 
Sticking to the point the beak plunges 
Talons lunge into the lungs  
To pluck a breathing, feasting 
Life devours itself as the serpent its tail  



2nd Sight (O/S)

 A helix of eyes walks concrete lives 

Laying bare the writhing of a single 
Vision vying to unite the blindness we seek

Not Found (I/S)

Lost, guided by 
Doubt clenching 
the heart 
like a skin being beat-called real 
by shades dreaming , 
A stream mirrors Itself,here below fire 
Grows beneath Ceiba swaying to an aria 
of a black moon Shining my midnight
of 2nd sight 
Still Singing stillness salted with weariness all of which writhes beneath phoenix wing

An Agony: Response to Rumi (DNA)

“What is the soul? I cannot stop asking”-Rumi
The silence of doubt fills me like a cup with shadow 

And longing for lightning to strike me 

down with the truth which whispers from beneath eaves and between bird wing 

Help me! Help me! My soul suffers for a drop 

As one burns alive inside and out 

Without a doubt words fail me 

The rawness seeping with all me wounded 

From the search- won’t you walk with me?