Goblet of Gallows-Ceiba Linkup (I/S)

A silhouette fell beside me speaking flame 

“Fly-fly- to where memory and thought fall away

Fly to where the tree drinks all your water 

Yet you are always quenched” 



Burning along the Wavelength

Hanging on spirals as a dead man kicking-

Sticking to the point, the beak plunges,

Talons lunge into the lungs to pluck

a breathing, feasting- Life devours itself

as the serpent its tail


Long Walk (I/S)


Crimson cries the moon shining behind a midnight 

Of a walker, wandering towards Absence 

Absinthe-the walk off the Road Where emeralds 

of curses wait to save you 
Obsidian laps along the side of the Road 
As the soul sinks into the moment
Meandering, somewhere in here is a Way
Toward a turning, burning off 
The flesh to inscribe the bone With runes 
stolen by a javelin aloft again
One day this urn will light no more

Swerving the aerial to burn again 
Dancing the delight & demise of Icarus 
Foreseen, fortune is no friend to what’s fleeting 
Seething the sight gestating, blindness 
Loathe to leave, lingering 
As a lover 
lying that they will stay 

GATEWAY-Ceiba Link Up (I/S)

Her roots tastes what the crown does sipping Silence 
Sending song into the skull
to understand the flow down below 
where Wings unfold to roll the unknown. 
Soul & sword melt to fire and feather 
The Night inside too violet, its bloom 
Bleeding into the Nothing, what tracks?
Here the traceless leaves moon-son faceless