Half man, half ? 

Erect and naked 

Blinded by moon-light 

Haloing the head with a reverb of 

Flesh & Query

Allegiant to the mystery 

Alone with you now-won’t you taste the wavelength 

And lose shame as we come apart in the dark-

Finding light where our shadows play? 

Won’t you stay and help me live this? 

Won’t you taste what’s fleeting? Already gone like ice cream on tongue- 

So suited is moonson to the moment 

Dying to sing your crying from where pleasure 

Plucks notes of layers clothing the soul 

So to unravel you into the reaches

Of a sleep dreamed by Gaia

Beneath the Sunbeam (O/S)

Beneath the sunbeam, a cold lingers 

Between buildings where djinn play, graves 

Of moss  covered with shards of glass 
Glinting sight fractured into a thousand-reflections yes, yet running razors 
To the rind these rivers of scarlet
Crying over falls for the schism to scatter 
Like stars across skies unseen 
By the blind who blanket their faces in memory 
Too late to see the haunt of purgatory peeling away 
Your layers of time like so much grime 

Child of the Kosmos (O/S)

Spiraling through the breath of life 
A wave, a leaf, a stone in free fall 
Finding life in the blue, voices carry 
Their notes to sit still in ear 
Hear the sight of hearts humming
Dimming vision so to see clearly 
That s 

urely we are the realest stories 

Grown by Vishnu dreaming 

Query (o/s)

How does one mediate this agony of spirit?
This groaning and grinning,
this grinding of bone 
To make stone meal enough for bread 
May one eat well & hear the bells tell 
Their toll- a story of notes crowning the nakedness of night

Lady KĀLĪ -21 God Salute (I/S)

Swaying and slinking, a clink of skulls rises and falls with the riptide of her waist, a groove one drowns to.
Her eyes -faraway flames, flickering like collapsed stars
Her almost-touch is a rush of penitents to my temples pulsing, drumming Her flow 
She mocks with blown kisses like poisoned arrows 
Purring  “soon you’ll be home 
Soon you’ll be with who has always loved you 
And my love is a crushing crossroads that one must-need walk; 
for I am sunset and Blackmoon 
I am locust ravaging,
Spiders of coughs catching breaths 
I am the sword you carry seeded in the neck of your enemy 
I am the whisper of a Silence that calls all.
How could you cut me down boy? 
Why not instead Lay me down and take your fill? 
Be full of grave dirt washed down with Charybdis wine undrank by waking eyes, 
Walk my body with prayers to even your Mother, 
Yes moon son! She Serves me too!
You see, even the Infinite is stardust in my wake!
Come! Unravel yourself in me-and allow darkness to pierce darkness

Doin’ All Right (O/S)

Split my pants, flat on my bike 

But I’m doing all right Smoke my pipe &  saw the 


B/c I’m doing all right
Ate too fast, talked my funk But I’m doin alright 
Home at last, layin’ it down 
B/c I’m doing all right 
Move too fast, still out of cash
But I’m doin’ all right 
Lit some hash which flicked the gas 
B/c I’m doin all right 
Evicted & still a man convicted 
But I’m doin all right 
Sittin chillin doing nothin’
Because I’m doin’ all right