Burning along the Wavelength

Hanging on spirals as a dead man kicking-

Sticking to the point, the beak plunges,

Talons lunge into the lungs to pluck

a breathing, feasting- Life devours itself

as the serpent its tail



Arms Plutonic

Would A woman as You turn away

For what THEY say? My sight shouts from Sheol 

While missiles of imprecations

Bless their detonations against my flesh

Mortal spirits hear this-the Aloness

Of a Witness wandering wastes and wonders

Blanketed by moonlight, thus blackened, hence one

Hears a blight burrow into the world

As though a tree tricked by Kali to grow

An anti-life birthing berries

whiter than dissolution. Would you,

A siren singing my drowning, offer

This fruit to me, or beg my leave?

Would you allow THEM to say you? What say You?

Enfold yourself in my arms & know no harm

–A hymn of Silence reigns now

*Rebirth-Black Laquer Prelude (I/S)

Obsidian-the slice sliding home to route

Uprooting vine and vein,  branch and fang 
With a cut clean as scalpels , too deep 
Like deluges sang by Typhon 
Sword of storm shattered and all that mattered 
Scattered into atoms 
Schismed the sigil of before 
Rebirthed from star’s core to breathe my dying
*this poem takes place before Ceiba time

Query (o/s)

How does one mediate this agony of spirit?
This groaning and grinning,
this grinding of bone 
To make stone meal enough for bread 
May one eat well & hear the bells tell 
Their toll- a story of notes crowning the nakedness of night

Lady KĀLĪ -21 God Salute (I/S)

Swaying and slinking, a clink of skulls rises and falls with the riptide of her waist, a groove one drowns to.
Her eyes -faraway flames, flickering like collapsed stars
Her almost-touch is a rush of penitents to my temples pulsing, drumming Her flow 
She mocks with blown kisses like poisoned arrows 
Purring  “soon you’ll be home 
Soon you’ll be with who has always loved you 
And my love is a crushing crossroads that one must-need walk; 
for I am sunset and Blackmoon 
I am locust ravaging,
Spiders of coughs catching breaths 
I am the sword you carry seeded in the neck of your enemy 
I am the whisper of a Silence that calls all.
How could you cut me down boy? 
Why not instead Lay me down and take your fill? 
Be full of grave dirt washed down with Charybdis wine undrank by waking eyes, 
Walk my body with prayers to even your Mother, 
Yes moon son! She Serves me too!
You see, even the Infinite is stardust in my wake!
Come! Unravel yourself in me-and allow darkness to pierce darkness