Untitled (DNA)

My life floods before my eye 

River & branches, cityscape 

Scraps of trash & smiles broken like streets 

Line my wiles with willpower and whim 

A sorrow sights me & fires 

For she (how many now?) had left me 

How many bodies line the streets of my mind 

As I walk behind the line of yesterday 

I jump across into now to sound te ether with a briefness- 

I was here! (who?) already gone 

A wind, a bell, birdsong



Burning along the Wavelength

Hanging on spirals as a dead man kicking-

Sticking to the point, the beak plunges,

Talons lunge into the lungs to pluck

a breathing, feasting- Life devours itself

as the serpent its tail


Beneath the Sunbeam (O/S)

Beneath the sunbeam, a cold lingers 

Between buildings where djinn play, graves 

Of moss  covered with shards of glass 
Glinting sight fractured into a thousand-reflections yes, yet running razors 
To the rind these rivers of scarlet
Crying over falls for the schism to scatter 
Like stars across skies unseen 
By the blind who blanket their faces in memory 
Too late to see the haunt of purgatory peeling away 
Your layers of time like so much grime 

Long Walk (I/S)


Crimson cries the moon shining behind a midnight 

Of a walker, wandering towards Absence 

Absinthe-the walk off the Road Where emeralds 

of curses wait to save you 
Obsidian laps along the side of the Road 
As the soul sinks into the moment
Meandering, somewhere in here is a Way
Toward a turning, burning off 
The flesh to inscribe the bone With runes 
stolen by a javelin aloft again
One day this urn will light no more

Swerving the aerial to burn again 
Dancing the delight & demise of Icarus 
Foreseen, fortune is no friend to what’s fleeting 
Seething the sight gestating, blindness 
Loathe to leave, lingering 
As a lover 
lying that they will stay 

Untitled (O/S)

Why do apparitions bring derision?

Dividing mind from the flow of flesh moving?

Grooving is the grimy, grim and grinning 
Grinding the groan & hope of home 
Nowhere to go on the road we venture 
Are ventured By what we censor, censers 
Of herbs say the verse breathe the hearse, the worst & surf 
Of spray from an ocean too vast to see!
Here is the hymn, here is the sorrow sounding the depths 

Child of the Kosmos (O/S)

Spiraling through the breath of life 
A wave, a leaf, a stone in free fall 
Finding life in the blue, voices carry 
Their notes to sit still in ear 
Hear the sight of hearts humming
Dimming vision so to see clearly 
That s 

urely we are the realest stories 

Grown by Vishnu dreaming 

Circe-Silver Movement

Too open and the winter knifes it way through 

& into the heart of one alone 
A fool forever more 
Too open and the waters rush in and all falls grey 

Grabbing the soul with the deluge of today 
A fool forever more 
The ache is a thirst not slaked 

Slowly the lonely chews its way 
A fool forevermore 
You-the joy of you is a sorrow 

That abandons tomorrow 
A fool for ever more 
Unrequited can’t quite speak the feeling firing 

How can one speak the will tiring? 
A fool forevermore 
Take my hand again, take me inside 

And ride me all the way to oblivion 
A fool forever more 
Wondering if joy is yours, heart fever-stricken,  yet hoping happiness for YOU
A fool for evermore 
Always alone, craving what, for a moment, I imagined you felt 
A fool forevermore 
Still rating  what’s foolish to say-may a grave find 1 so to sleep this agony 
For a fool for you is still only-