*Rebirth-Black Laquer Prelude (I/S)

Obsidian-the slice sliding home to route

Uprooting vine and vein,  branch and fang 
With a cut clean as scalpels , too deep 
Like deluges sang by Typhon 
Sword of storm shattered and all that mattered 
Scattered into atoms 
Schismed the sigil of before 
Rebirthed from star’s core to breathe my dying
*this poem takes place before Ceiba time

Wave Man

Neither servant to reason or faith

For my sacred place is Now 

As my ship gleams port to bow

“Sailing a wilder sea, a darker wave”

To meet the face of my destiny 

Looking like & into “me”

Where there is no I-

Only birds & blue sky 

Cracked road & open Eye